About us

Variable K is a non profit social enterprise founded in 2022 by a group of young sociological and cultural entrepreneurs dedicated to the regeneration of Ercolano and the Vesuviana area.

The project
We work with children, adults, artisans and institutions to identify and reconnect essential traces of its social and historical past to guarantee its present and future.

The context
We work in Ercolano, an area rich in cultural and natural resources yet an area characterised by  socio-economic and educational fragility.

We want to create a movement for social and cultural change.

Nurture a sense of involvement through hope in such a manner as to guarantee the future of a community and its cultural heritage.



  • Ottavia Semerari CEO
  • Luigi Vangone Head of participatory architecture | artisan
  • Sarah Senatore Communication and Project coordinator
  • Vincenzo Ruggiero Project coordinator│Artisan
  • Ludovico D’Aniello Participatory architecture
  • Marta Raffone Founder

Our collaborators

  • Jessica Paparone Archaeologist and licensed tour guide
  • Lilia Delle Rose Communication and Project Coordinator
  • Roberta Belfiore Designer
  • Angelo Tedeschi Web site developer
  • Chiara Leo Ceramic artisan
  • Giuseppe Cervero Events
  • Anna Maria Scognamiglio Assistant project coordinator