13/03 — 30/06 Ceramic Workshop, I and II edition

13/03/2023 From 4pm to 6.30pm

3 sessions and a final meeting for delivering the artifacts.

Romitorio di Villa Campolieto Corso Resina, 283 - Ercolano (NA)

85€/per person

What is included
① materials, equipment and firing of artifacts;
② Campolieto Card with which you have access to Villa Campolieto 365 days a year.

Contact us to participate or ask us to organise a workshop on a day of your choice for you or your group.

Require info

A course with Chiara Leo, professional ceramist, designed to take the first steps into the world of ceramics

An introductory course in creative handicrafts is proposed with the aim of conveying to participants the basic techniques for making ceramic artefacts. Through three two-hour meetings, we will approach ceramics by introducing various working techniques. In the first two meetings, objects will be created (breakfast sets, plant pots, plates, decorative tiles) that will be decorated in the third meeting, after which they will be fired and glazed. All necessary tools and materials will be provided.

At the end of the course each participant will take home the artefacts they have made.


Specifically, we are going to learn the basic clay modeling techniques: the columbine technique, the slab technique and pinching. The first phase of the session will be dedicated to the object design, then we will proceed with the plastic and decorative phase.

A theme will be suggested to facilitate the creative process. Each participant will create an artifact according to their personal taste. The course will be structured in three meetings. A fourth meeting is included for the delivery of the artifacts and refreshments.

The course is open to anyone wanting to try a new challenge. 

From the most creative mind to the clumsiest hand, everyone is welcome!